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    What is online presence?

    Your website or webshop, possibly mobile application, social profiles, email signature, Google Analytics statistics constitute the online presence together.

    Everything is related

    To deliver the expected results, it's important what domain name you choose, what images and words you use.



    A start-up meeting is definitely needed to accurately assess what you need. We discuss what you want: to renew an existing website or to build a completely new one, and we review what you already have to get started, such as branding elements, texts, etc.



    When most of the content is ready we can start the actual work. That is an intense phase, we need your presence and feedback to be able to progress.



    When the site is finished, we stop and celebrate for a moment. Then we build an online strategy for you and your business to reach exactly what you expect. AdWords may be the right tool for you, but it may also be LinkedIn or Instagram, or YouTube. There is such a variety of businesses and you need a custom strategy for yours as that makes it credible and therefore effective. .


    The brief story of a Funky GEEK

    Hi, I’m Vera aka the Funky GEEK. I’m a digital nomad have been running this business for 5 years now. Before that the IT corporate and startup world taught me how to code in a team, how to manage a software project, how to take care of a project’s life cycle, how to recruit an IT team, than work with them and keep them motivated. How to tame large databases and how to craft a web solution from design phase to production, regardless if it is “just a small one pager” or a complex website with massive functional requirements. More details about me here...


    The most important thing is that our customers should be really satisfied!
    That’s why our slogan is also: we give you not just a website, but an online presence.
    Understanding customer needs and strategic planning are given as much time and importance during a project as development and configuration itself. Our team is always evolving according to our current assignments. We are an online creative community of graphic designers and developers. From simpler Wordpress pages to web store solutions to custom software development projects, the palette is colorful.


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